100 Horses Got Stranded In A Sinking Island For 2 Days. But What Happened On The 3rd Day? OMG!

After a fierce storm, waters rose unexpectedly in a village in the Netherlands. The storm pushed seawater into the wilderness area outside the dikes of Marrum, stranding around 100 horses on a small piece of land. Sadly, 19 horses died, while the others were stuck in a lowland knoll for three days. Firemen and animal welfare officers transferred food and water for the horses and made rescue attempts. But all of them failed.

Another storm was quickly approaching. Fearing for the horses’ lives, someone posted a request on a horse forum looking for experienced riders without any fear of water. Some female riders responded, one of which was Norma Miedema. She then started a group of seven women called the “Netherlands Horse Rescue”. They met the following day and put their own lives at risk to rescue the horses on the sinking island. They were honored later for their courage and bravery.

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