Woman Spotted A Lost Dog In The Junkyard. But When She Scanned His Microchip? Unbelievable!

Kelly and Ted rescued a dog called Bear some years back. They raised him like he was one of their kids. But when Bear and Ted were travelling in the car two years ago, an accident happened. Ted rear-ended another driver and this ended up alarming Bear. The poor thing took off into the woods. Ted searched for him for almost 12 hours, but he didn’t find him anywhere.

Meanwhile in Marietta, two women had been feeding a stray dog for a whole year. They would feed the pooch two times a day, but they never succeeded in capturing him. However, thanks to some rescue groups, they managed to finally rescue the pooch. They realized that he had microchip on him. And as it turned out, the dog was the missing Bear himself!

Watch this heartwarming story below! Don’t forget to get microchips for your pets! Share your thoughts in the comments!

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