Owners Didn’t Allow Vets To Work On Her, Forcing Her To Walk With 2 Broken Elbows For 9 Months

The video below features the story of a sweet pooch named Bella. This little girl is a pug, but according to Gwenn of Pug Nation, she looks like she is part penguin, part seal, and part pug. Bella wasn’t always like this. She used to have a family, but they couldn’t care for her because of some problems.

She broke her elbow and her family members took her the vet to fix it. They were asked by the vet to keep her confined, keeping the pressure/weight off the limb. But they didn’t follow these instructions and she re-broke the elbow. Bella’s other elbow broke at some point and the vet decided to keep her at the hospital itself so that she could heal properly. Further assessment revealed that the elbows were damaged irreparably. Double amputation was the only viable solution. However, the family didn’t give their consent, and nor did they relinquish Bella to the hospital. Bella stayed at the hospital for nine months, but the veterinarians could do nothing because they didn’t have permission.

Watch the video below to find out what happened to this sweet pooch:

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