This Little Girl Is In The 6th Grade. But When You See Her Ventriloquist Act? Unbelievable!

Ventriloquism is really entertaining, but not many people seem to realize how hard it is. It requires an incredible amount of confidence and skill. Not to mention, a ton of hard work and practice as well! Handling puppets is a tough job, and so is grabbing the crowd’s attention with your standup. It is amazing how ventriloquists can make you laugh without really opening their mouths!

The video below features a young ventriloquist called Darci Farmer. This little girl is only in the 6th grade, but her talent is going to blow your mind! She did this routine back in August as a way to welcome her teachers and classmates back to school. Her act is amazing, but what shocked everyone was when the music began and Darci started belting out “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”. Wait till you see her incredible performance!

Watch this brilliant performance below!

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