Dog Scheduled For Euthanasia Trusted NO ONE. But Watch Her Reaction When She Gets Rescued…

In 2010, Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws got a call from one of his friends called Bronwyne. She told him about a helpless dog who was going to be euthanized. But thankfully, she intervened before it was too late. The dog, Edie, looked frightened beyond words. She was taken to the vet, but she was still in a state of panic. When Eldad went up to her, the nervous and anxious pooch started to back away from him.

It looked like Edie had lost trust, especially when it came to humans. When you see her leaning away from people trying to help her, you can’t help but be heartbroken. It makes you wonder what exactly the poor girl went through to exhibit such behavior. Thankfully, the professionals knew just what to do. I was in tears when I saw how they managed to regain her trust. What they are doing is commendable for sure!

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