Pregnant Elephant Delivers Her Baby. But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Right Side Of The Screen

Emily used to be an orphan baby elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. She was later released so that she could live out her adulthood in the wild. But in December 23rd, 2014, Emily returned to her foster home without any prodding from the staff. They found out that she had come back in order to deliver her calf in the same place that raised her up.

Emily lost her family when she was young, but now she has two daughters by her side. One of them is called Eve, while the one born during the filming of this video, is called Emma. The newborn calf brought joy not only to Emily, but also the entire herd. After the birth, they gathered around the mama to help her out with the newborn. The keepers at the organization were moved and thrilled at Emily’s decision to give birth to her baby by their side.

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