Bird Got His Feet Stuck On The Ice. But Wait Till You See What That Man Did Next! Amazing!

When we see someone in need, our first instinct is to help them. But some people don’t really understand that. Thankfully, wherever there is bad, there is good too. And this elderly gentleman is an example. This hero is called Nelson Wilson and he is going viral on the internet for an amazing reason.

When he was feeding his horses this New Year, he saw a solitary finch perched upon the steel fence near the water tank. Then he noticed that the poor bird had gotten its feet wet and gotten itself stuck on the fence. It didn’t take long for his feet to get frozen in the near zero Idaho temperature. The man then tried to free the bird by warming its feet with his warm breath. Wait till you see the bird fly away! Nelson says it was a delightful way to start a new year.

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