Soldier Wants To Surprise His Dog. Watch What Happens When The Pooch Finally Finds Out He’s Back

Soldiers are some of the bravest souls in the world. They are always ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their country. They don’t even think twice before putting themselves in harm’s way if they believe it’s for the nation. Sadly, many of them are deployed to distant places, away from their family and friends. That is why, it is always pleasant to hear that they made it back safely.

The soldier featured below is a Staff Sergeant in the military. He was away on duty, but one find day he finally returned home. But he wanted to surprise his pooch with his return. So he stayed hidden until his German Shepherd, Harley, came up to him. You are going to be touched when you see how the pooch welcomes him back! This sweet video was even featured on Good Morning America Live.

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