Hedgehog Doesn’t Want To Take A Bath. But When Dad Scrubs Him With A Brush, He Forgets Everything

After watching so many animal videos on the internet, one thing has become quite clear – they don’t really like taking baths. Now this is not true for all creatures, but baths still manage to bring out the funniest reactions in animals. Take for instance the adorable little hedgehog featured in the video below!

This owner decided it was time for his pet hedgehog to get a good bath. So he brought the little one to the sink for some scrubbing. But as you can see from the hedgehog’s reaction, he really doesn’t want anything to do with water. He tries to get out of the empty sink. He tries to get out even when the sink starts filling with water. But the moment his owner arrives with a toothbrush and starts cleaning him, all his worries run away. It really looks like he is enjoying the scrub!

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