Mama Kangaroo Abandoned Her Tiny Baby. Wait Till You See What Happened To The Little Girl…

When a kangaroo is born, it stays in its mother’s pouch for a long time; depending on the species, it’s anywhere around eight months to 11 months! However, mama kangaroos are known to push out their babies from the pouch when they go through a stressful period. This is life-threatening for the little ones. Usually, they have to fend for themselves. But sometimes they get adopted by other kangaroos, or in Jacie’s case, zookeepers.

This five month old kangaroo was the fifth joey born to her five year old mom. However, she was ejected out of the pouch due to her mother’s stress during a storm. Thankfully, some zookeepers found the little girl. However, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to try to reunite her with her mom. That is why the keepers decided to hand-raise her themselves.

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