Pit Bull Puppy Was Attacked By A Dog From A Illegal Dog Fighting. What Happened To Him? Touching

There are many unfortunate animals on earth. Some of them are abandoned by their family, some of them are born on the streets and never rescued, while some of them are purposefully tortured and abused in the name of entertainment by sick people. Dog fighting rings are one of the most vicious things that humans have made dogs go through.

The puppy featured in the video below was one of the poor victims of this business. He is called Jax and he is just five months old, but this little guy has gone through some very hard situations in his life. He was found in a stranger’s porch when he had wandered in and collapsed due to life-threatening punctures to his head and neck – which are said to have been caused due to illegal dog fighting. But thankfully, he was rescued before it was too late.

This clip features his recovery phase. Wait till you see this:

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