He Was Singing “One Day” At The Coffee Shop. But When The Real Singer Of The Song Joins In? Whoa

Singer Matisyahu was out taking in the local sounds of Hawaii when he came across a familiar tune. He was in a coffee shop when he heard his hit 2009 song, “One Day”, being played by a talented young man. The ukulele player, a local musician called Clint Alama, was playing the beautiful tune at a small empty space in the corner of the coffee shop. But he managed to grab Matisyahu’s attention.

So the tall singer hung around and listened to him. At one point, he decided to join in. The two men then went on to perform a spontaneous duet as Matisyahu’s bassist, Stu Brooks, recorded the whole thing on camera. But what’s amazing is that Alama doesn’t have any idea who he just sang with. That was probably because the singer had just shaved his massive beard around that time. “Do you know who wrote that song?” Matisyahu asks. “Matis,” Alama answers. “I’m Matisyahu” says the singer and that finally rings a bell. Matisyahu was in town to headline the MayJah RayJah Music Festival and he gifted a set of guest passes to Alama. He was even flown to LA to perform at the Palladium with Matisyahu!

Listen to their duet below:

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