Nobody Could Catch This Stray For 2 Months. Then A 6 Yr Old Approached Her & Changed Everything

The video featured below is going to touch your heart. It tells the story about a wonderful dog called Daisy. This precious pooch was found wandering around in Hollister when a kind woman called Susan Hilden decided to call for rescue. Diana from Hollister Animal Lost and Found is a wildlife rescue specialist. Together, they managed to track down the dog’s owner. They learnt that Daisy had actually escaped from her new home just two days after she was adopted from the shelter.

Daisy roamed around for 2 months without being caught. People would feed her, but they never managed to capture her. It had been weeks, but that’s when a six year old girl called Megan stepped in to help. Megan and her mom fostered around 75 dogs last year alone. So she went up to the dog to see what she could do. Everyone was astounded when they saw how Megan earned the dog’s trust in her first try. Daisy now lives with Susan’s granddaughter, Ava, who has become friends with Megan as well.

Check out the story below:

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