Officer Couldn’t Believe Himself When A Dog He Saved Came Up To His Car & Did THIS! ROFL!

The video featured below is going to bring a smile to your face. The dog in the clip was trapped when he got his hind legs tangled in a metal chain link fence. That’s when the people in the neighborhood decided to contact the authorities. Nick Sheppard from the Plattsburg police department was sent in to help. Even though he is a dog person, Nick wasn’t in the least bit expecting the ensuing reaction he got from the pooch.

Nick cut the fence to free the poor dog, but as soon as he was free, the dog ran off. Officer Sheppard decided to follow him because he didn’t want him to have another accident. But just when he reached his patrol car, he got to witness something out of the ordinary. Wait till you see what the officer saw. You are going to be in stitches without a doubt!

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