The Zoo Was Closed Off Because Of The Snow. But What The Cameras Caught The Animals Do? OMG!

Winter is a beautiful season. But in certain places, it snows beyond belief sometimes. Heavy snow can often cause trouble to us. It can block off roads and hinder daily activities. The Oregon Zoo in Portland was closed for a snowy day this year. However, that didn’t stop the animals inside the zoo to have fun on their own. Wait till you see what happened.

The onsite cameras managed to catch a beautiful moment where many of the resident animals came out to have fun in the snow. In the video, we get to see everyone from seals to polar bears to big elephants play around. One baby elephant seemed to be the happiest out of all the animals in the zoo. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see the baby romp around the frigid waters and trumpet joyous noise. He even teaches himself how to throw a snowball!

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