Horse Starts Doing Something Silly Inside His Stable. What Mom’s Camera Captured Next? LOL!

Horses are some of the most stunning animals on the earth. We use lots of different kinds of words to describe them – majestic, gorgeous, beautiful, strong, smart. But what we forget is that horses can be really silly from time to time. And this adorable horse featured below is the perfect example. Wait till you see this!

This owner was checking in on her horse, Root, when she saw him doing something really funny. He was inside his stall and secured with cross ties, but that’s when he started flapping his lips together continually. The sound he made got the people around him laughing out loud. Lip-flapping sometimes indicates problems like anxiety or agitation. But the owner explains that the ex-racehorse had just been fed and watered and was actually getting a relaxing bath while the video was taken. They say that it might just be a quirky habit.

Watch the video below!

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