Dog Meets 3 Rescued Pigs At The Sanctuary. But I Never Thought She’d Do THIS Next! Wow!

If you own a dog, you probably know that they are some of the most affectionate creatures in this planet. They are not only good with humans, but with other animals as well. They love interacting with almost everyone they come across and they can befriend even the hardest of hearts. Just take for example, Ruby.

After this beautiful pooch was rescued from an abusive home, she was brought to Edgar’s Mission, an animal sanctuary in Lancefield, Victoria. But one day, three piglets showed up at the sanctuary she was living in. Ruby was kind of apprehensive about the three new additions, but slowly she started warming up to them. She treated them like they were her own babies. The piglets were saved from “inhospitable” circumstances, and most of their siblings hadn’t survived. They were looking for a surrogate family, and that’s when Ruby stepped up to the plate.

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