Poor Sloth Got Stranded In The Highway. But Watch His Face When Officers Arrive To Rescue Him

Police officers protect the public. However, some of them go beyond what is asked of them and protect everyone in need. Take for example, the amazing cops in this story.

A local police station in Ecuador got an urgent call about an animal one day. And not just any animal, but a sloth! A little sloth had somehow gotten himself stranded on a busy highway. Thinking something really bad could happen if he got left alone on the road, passing drivers phoned the local police station so that they could help rescue the little guy.

The sloth looked terrified when he was first approached by the officers.


But once he saw that they were there to save him, his mood changed considerably.


Thankfully, the kind cops managed to eventually rescue the precious animal!




( h/t: Facebook – CTEcuador )

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