They Tried To Keep Squirrels Out Of Their Bird Feeders. Now Watch When They Use A Slinky

Many of us have kept bird feeders in our backyards. But more often than not, the seeds are robbed by thieving squirrels. Even purchasing and installing anti-squirrel devices rarely work. Squirrels might look adorable, but they are pretty cunning when it comes to food. They just can’t resist stealing from bird feeders, can they?

Many people usually create a separate feeder just for the squirrels, but the tiny rodents aren’t satisfied even then! They still steal food from the birds’ feeder despite having their own separate one! However, this video shows how you can outwit them! And all you need is a slinky! Wait till you see how you can use this kid toy to keep squirrels away from your feeder!

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