She Was On Her Phone. But When Those Guys Showed Up Behind Her & Did THIS? OMG!

Some of us have no idea what to do on Valentine’s Day, but the five incredible guys in the video below know exactly how to celebrate it. Stuart Edge gathered some of his friends and together they gave a few ladies a surprise of their lifetime. They dressed up and approached random strangers with a rose in their hand. But what they did next was the cherry on the top.

The women weren’t expecting it at all, but they really loved the attention. The men seem to have enjoyed it as much as the women. The guys’ synchronization is on point. According to Stuart, he had a lot of fun filming this video. He says that everything you hear was filmed live and in the moment. That was a bit challenging, but was exciting nonetheless.

Watch this amazing video below! Did you enjoy this as much as we did? Let us know in the comments!

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