Woman Was On The Beach With Her Dogs. But When She Saw That Lonely Stray Dog In The Distance? OMG

Valia Orfanidou was on vacation in a small village by the sea, about 150 km from Athens in August 2016. That’s when she came across a lonely stray dog she later named Blue. Valia says there are probably millions of stray dogs in Greece and that the situation is not going to change soon either. According to her, you either have to turn a blind eye to the dogs’ state, or come back home with a dozen of rescue dogs.

One afternoon during her vacation, Valia saw Blue walking towards her and her dogs, wagging her tail. She had spotted them from a distance and she tried to join them, trying to fit in. She was healthy and was around six to seven months old. She looked like she was in no need of rescue. But Valia says the homeless pooch was also very desperate for attention and company. She wanted to belong somewhere. So Valia rescued her and a woman in Holland adopted her in October. Valia is still in contact with Blue’s new mom and she informs that the pooch now works as a therapy dog!

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