She Approached A Wild Horse. But When She Kneels Down & Takes A Photo? Breathtaking!

“Strong Women, Wild Horses” is a series of film portraits about women photographers who have dedicated themselves to film how horses live in the wild. They have even managed to catch areas like the Great Basin, one of the few remaining untamed places in the USA to find free-roaming horses, in their cameras. The images they shot show how wild horses live in harsh and feral territories that even test the limits of mankind.

The stunning movie displays the horses in all their glory and also shows how they are caught in the middle of a vicious land battle. While ranching industries pressure for more land for cattle, oil producers want to outspread massive pipelines across the country. However, none of them think about how they will affect the horses. The poor creatures are living in a war zone. But thankfully, these photographers are there to capture everything from the beauty of horses to the tragedy of how they are being driven to extinction.

Watch this incredible film below:

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